Ninh Thuận: Sẵn sàng đón nhận dòng chảy đầu tư mới CÔNG TY CỔ PHẦN - TSV

Ninh Thuận: Sẵn sàng đón nhận dòng chảy đầu tư mới CÔNG TY CỔ PHẦN - TSV

Ninh Thuận: Sẵn sàng đón nhận dòng chảy đầu tư mới CÔNG TY CỔ PHẦN - TSV

Ninh Thuận: Sẵn sàng đón nhận dòng chảy đầu tư mới CÔNG TY CỔ PHẦN - TSV

Ninh Thuận: Sẵn sàng đón nhận dòng chảy đầu tư mới CÔNG TY CỔ PHẦN - TSV
Ninh Thuận: Sẵn sàng đón nhận dòng chảy đầu tư mới CÔNG TY CỔ PHẦN - TSV
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Ninh Thuan: Openness to new investment flows

Ninh Thuan is a province in the South Central Coast has many potential development of energy, mineral resources, tourism, agriculture ... The province has a coastline of 105km with many bays and beaches, favorable to development tourism, especially ecotourism and travel luxury resort. In particular geographic location located at the intersection of three strategic transport axes National Highway 1A, North-South Railway and Highway 27 on the South Highlands, is the gateway to connect the key economic Southeast with the Central Highlands and South Central, Ninh Thuan create more favorable conditions to promote economic exchanges, cultural and provinces in the region, especially in HCMC. 


To exploit the potential advantages available, Ninh Thuan in recent years there have been many programs and projects of infrastructure socio - economic internal resources of the province, with the support of central and provinces through cooperative programs. According to the socio - economic development of the province and is quite stable, growth (GDP) per period 2010-2014 reached 10.9% / year, the economic structure has shifted positively, the problem Social Security is interested in doing, people's lives are gradually improving.

As reported by the DPI Ninh Thuan, up to now the province has 293 projects registered and approved investment locations with a total registered capital of 95,016.8 billion. Of which 255 projects Investment Certificate (accounting for 87% of the project), the registered capital of 55 579 billion (59% of total project).However, according to records of the provincial leadership, the years of Ninh Thuan has difficulties in attracting capital and foreign investment, investment results are not commensurate with the potential and advantages of province. This is the biggest concern of the provincial leadership and problem rebuild new direction in investment promotion through the project invites suitable for development advantages of Ninh Thuan become a top priority .

About advantages in attracting investment of Ninh Thuan Province Party Committee Secretary Nguyen Duc Thanh said Ninh Thuan is now facing new development opportunities. The policy of the Government implemented invest some national key projects such as: Upgrading the National Highway 1A, highway HCM City - Dau Giay, Cam Ranh International Airport ... has contributed to increase the between the provinces of Ninh Thuan and the key economic region of the South, especially in HCMC. Also, Ninh Thuan also invest in building two nuclear power plants of the country's first, will actually bring many benefits to developing socio - economic as well as create opportunities and attract new impetus Time to invest in.

Looking at the opportunities in the future, Ninh Thuan is planning to prepare the conditions are ready to receive new investment flows, especially focusing more strongly improve the investment environment in order to truly become a destination friendly, attractive and competitive in the region. This conference personnel, Ninh Thuan priority invites to invest in the economic pillar industry clusters, have a competitive advantage with about 70 potential projects in the fields of energy, tourism, agriculture, fisheries, manufacturing and supporting industries are two groups of education - training and building - real estate. Mr. Thanh said: "The investment in Ninh Thuan will find new investment opportunities extremely attractive and ideal. Ninh Thuan province to encourage investment, enjoying the highest investment incentives both water. The province advocates outside the highest incentives in the regulatory framework of government, the province also take full advantage of investor support for the implementation of projects in the province; especially enjoy preferential exemption and reduction of land rent, corporate income tax, import duty. The investors, most business enterprises are encouraged HCMC and create favorable conditions for policy mechanisms, procedures invest ventilation, quick to seek investment opportunities and business cooperation in Ninh Thuan province. The provincial government is committed to always offer the close cooperation, ready to support and create the conditions best interest of the activities of investors. "

Responding to the call of leadership Ninh Thuan Le Thanh Hai - Secretary of the Committee of HCMC, said the cooperation between HCMC and Ninh Thuan province is an opportunity for two different local development support, promote economic cooperation, thereby better care, improving the lives of poor people, especially ethnic minorities ...   Therefore, HCM City will actively encourage businesses in the City to expand investment, exploiting the potential strengths of Ninh Thuan through the implementation of investment projects here. In addition, the city will also increase support Ninh Thuan province implementing investment promotion activities, creating conditions more favorable and attractive incentives to encourage the business community and foreign investment to develop in Ninh Thuan.

At the conference, Ninh Thuan province has made signing between investment company with partners TSV Korea (Luxco), Singapore (Blue Circle) to support the implementation of investment projects in Ninh Thuan wind power .

  Provincial Investment Certificate is awarded to five projects with total investment capital of nearly 6,000 billion as projects depots Ninh Chu (110 billion) by the Petroleum Corporation Ninh Chu investment; Wind Power Plant Project Trung Nam (90MW-3.780 billion) of JSC Central South Wind; expansion project Nhim Hydropower (80MW-1,925 billion ...); Project KDL Hon Co - Ca Na (110 billion) of Hoan My Company Limited KDL .... Also approved investment policy for five projects totaling nearly 43,000 billion as Wind Power Plant Project Nai lagoon (1.120 billion), Senior Project KDL Hy (1.600 billion), the project Solar power plant Solar Tianjin (40.000 billion) ...


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