Điện mặt trời đang phát triển nhanh trên thế giới CÔNG TY CỔ PHẦN - TSV

Điện mặt trời đang phát triển nhanh trên thế giới CÔNG TY CỔ PHẦN - TSV

Điện mặt trời đang phát triển nhanh trên thế giới CÔNG TY CỔ PHẦN - TSV

Điện mặt trời đang phát triển nhanh trên thế giới CÔNG TY CỔ PHẦN - TSV

Điện mặt trời đang phát triển nhanh trên thế giới CÔNG TY CỔ PHẦN - TSV
Điện mặt trời đang phát triển nhanh trên thế giới CÔNG TY CỔ PHẦN - TSV
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Solar power is growing rapidly worldwide

Two types of solar technology

In general, the development of solar power in the world took place with both major technologies, such as photovoltaic technology convergence technologies SPV and solar CSP (concentrated solar power), also known as Technology STE solar thermal energy (Solar thermal energy).

In it, type solar photovoltaic technology investment SPV many developing countries from the first phase of the solar power industry.

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Solar power plant Gemasolar type heat converging, near Seville, Spain. 

With the goal of lowering costs for solar power plants SPV technology, the technology has been conducting parallel studies in two directions.

Another study is looking for new or improved materials engineering, fabrication of photovoltaic cells. On this request, after years of slow progress, from 4-5 years has made considerable progress in the fabrication of photovoltaic cells by changing the material and optimum layout cells That cell.

Secondly avoid excessive land occupied flat. To accomplish this, many countries and led by Australia have developed type factories, including all solar cells or photovoltaic cells with modified duties sun's rays directly into electricity are well placed on the water. Thus, in this type of solar power plant solar power technology can be divided into 2 SPV small type corresponds to use 2 "profile" of different technologies, ground-pin or pin to float on water.

The above trend is the industry solution contributes to solar photovoltaic technology SPV not be left behind in the market compared to other sectors such as solar thermal or hydroelectric power ... or compared both with the kind Using solar power, or CSP convergence technologies STE (Solar thermal energy).

Regarding solar thermal technology CSP convergence, can first speak to a fundamental difference compared to the SPV technology is here they replaced the solar system by the reflector system to concentrate sunlight from a large space in a small area. And in this area put the tank or pipe liquid (like water ....) Or special solids (salts). And here, when heated to temperatures of several hundred degrees, high-pressure steam is formed and then is led to the turbines to spin and generate an electric current similar to conventional power plants burn coal or petroleum.

Similar cases solar dynamo technology SPV, where solar thermal power plant uses two kinds CSP "cottage" of different technologies. In one kind of a bridge or using a plane mirror mirror converging rays of the sun on the water tank or the pipes parallel to the mirror.

In the second grade the sun's rays are mirror system for converging a single point; This places to the large water tank and the water will then evaporate. Of course, both 2 kind of "profile" of this technology have also led to the same result was obtained high-pressure steam to spin turbines and generate electricity.

In the second type of solar technology and CSP SPV described above, each type has advantages and disadvantages.

In CSP solar thermal power, can put a thermal energy storage unit is obtained in time the sun shines (daytime and at no omelette). This heat is retained under different types (water or oil at high temperatures, salt melt ...) and will be used for power generation at the moment there is no sunlight. This is an advantage of the type of power converged CSP solar or solar thermal STE.

Also, for the CSP power plants, the raw material for the manufacture of materials and equipment needed quite popular and cheaper. Most CSP facilities and equipment is similar to the technology of the current generation. This is one of the factors contributing to increasing the competitiveness of prices for solar power plants of this kind.

Also need to mention one more advantage of this type of solar thermal power plants CSP, which is higher than the power capacity of a solar power plant SPV and can provide enough power for use on demand provided large.

But again, the type of solar power plant type SPV also has outstanding advantages. First, plant construction costs are much lower SPV than CSP plant type.

On the other hand, while CSP plants require water to provide a hundred times more than it needs almost no place on the plant type SPV.

A big advantage of the photoelectric type SPV factory is not adversely affecting the natural environment. While these plants CSP convergence is the opposite of heat, hot water storage devices and steam to spin turbines at these factories adversely affect the environment more with many birds being burned fire and many surrounding trees are withered ...

With relative comparison on, now both solar, photovoltaic technology and optical technology SPV CSP heat (or STE), are more water, depending on the specific situation of each country, and exploitation to use. In particular, small countries and developing countries the situation is somewhat tilted towards using photoelectric type SPV factory.

The solar power plant the world's largest

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Topaz Solar Farm DMT Plant (USA) is the optical power plants with a capacity of 1 MW to 550, will provide enough electricity for about 160,000 California families.

A comprehensive picture of the development of the field of solar power in the world is as follows: To develop quite slowly until the late 20th century and early 21st century is about 5 years growth spontaneous nature development.

Specifically, the number of countries joining the world community increasingly solar power much more. And hierarchical as total solar power capacity also varies from year to year. In just 5 years solar powers named in the position from 1 to 5 change constantly between Germany, Spain, India, China, USA.

A year ago, ie early 2014 order of 5 solar power are arranged in order of the total capacity measured in gigawatts (top figure) and solar power proportion of total national power (the the second number) as follows: Germany (35.65 GW; 5.3%), Italy (18 GW; 9%), China (17.7 GW; 0.1%), Japan (11.86 GW ; 0.8%) and USA (11.42 GW; 0.3%).

Here America (USA) is a special case. The country entered the path of development of solar power rather late, but the pace and going quite impressively demonstrated the great potential of the country rich and strong powers in the world.

Only the most recent 4-5 years of America than many countries to take the 5th place of the ranking list. And especially the United States undertook the construction of solar power plants "crisis" in the world, dominated the top five positions in terms of scale photovoltaic solar power SVP and both solar heat rays converged CSP

This proves that the total capacity and area of installation of solar energy plants in the United States also increased sharply. Specifically, according to data from the statistics agency, in 2014 alone, in the last year of this index in the US has doubled and ability this year will continue to rise in 2015 and at that rate.


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